Nutra Yu uses the best Deep Ocean Water to get its minerals

There are three distinctly different layers of ocean water - Surface Sea Water (0-250 meters) , Deep Ocean Water 250-1500 meters (DOW) and Very Deep Ocean Water (1500 meters and deeper). The minerals in Nutra Yu come from this middle layer where mineral density is high and almost exactly the same as in healthy blood. This makes it one of nature's most amazing supplements.


Deep Ocean Water Collects Minerals Over a 2000 Year Journey Around the World!

DOW starts its journey when the ice melts at summer temperatures in Greenland and the Subarctic. Collecting its minerals and trace elements and becoming heavier as it moves it plunges into the pristine Deep Ocean. This water actually makes an over 2000 year journey as it progresses from the Atlantic around Africa before going north through the Indian and Pacific Oceans. It hits land in Hawaii and Japan and then curves back southward towards Antarctica and Australia.


Using Our Full Spectrum Formula

Our Daily Vitamins also includes beneficial amino acids and superfoods like beetroot powder and mangosteen and essential building blocks like l-taurine, d-ribose and choline. These may help boost your energy and your immune systems ability to fight disease and complement the nutritional effects of the essential nutrients.


Our Proprietary Process Ensures You Get the Best Minerals And All Of Their Benefits

Nutra Yu's Premium Hydration uses Pure Australian Deep Ocean Water that is collected and undergoes our unique, proprietary, multi-stage solar concentration process. Once the pure solution has reached the desired density and concentration of key minerals, it is dried using low heat technology, so as not to lose any nutrients in the process.