Dr. Louie Yu founder of Nutra Yu

by Alon Sida on June 10, 2020

Dr. Louie Yu founder of Nutra Yu

Dr. Louie Yu is the Head Formulator at Nutra Yu. 

For the last 25 years Dr. Yu has been recognized worldwide as a highly sought after concierge physician, teacher, and formulator of innovating nutritional products. 

Dr. Yu knew at the age of 4 that he would become a doctor. Recognizing his son’s advanced intelligence and talent, Dr. Yu's father, a renowned acupuncturist, encouraged his son to study science. Early on he received a doctorate in Chinese Medicine from the Victoria Cultural Society in British Columbia. 

Dr. Yu later met and studied under renowned scientist Dr. Alfred Libby and learned the fundamental answers to many of the questions scientists have been asking about what goes on in the body functions and what really occurs in biochemistry and metabolism. Dr. Yu continued his education and earned a Phd in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Shanghai TCM college of British Columbia. This is when Dr. Yu began to combine the western science with traditional Chinese practices of his long family line to get amazing results in healing the body through nutrition. He is known worldwide as the creator of Quantum Energy Medicine. 

Dr. Yu as an Orthomolecular Physician has studied the science of healing the body through nutrition for decades. There are many physicians that you probably never heard of that have changed nutritional medicine over the last 70 years and Dr. Yu has studied and worked with many of them. They have laid a foundation for modern nutritional science that Dr. Yu has mastered and continues to improve. 

All nutritional medicine comes from Orthomolecular Medicine which is about getting the right combination and the right amount of the right ingredients for your body to heal. The idea is to flood your body with the raw materials it needs to repair itself and heal. 

Dr. Yu is also a 23rd generation acupuncturist. His family is recorded in the anthology of Chinese History. He has learned to combine orthomolecular medicine with traditional chinese medicine and herbology to get a specific mastery and understanding of what ingredients to use in combination. Dr. Yu chooses ingredients which have the least amount of metabolism and reaction with each other. It is vital that the ingredients aren’t cancelling each other out. This is the problem with most supplements. You might take the right parts but if they break each other down and cancel each other out you aren’t getting the full benefit. 

Dr. Yu has done the research to accomplish a unique blend of modern science and eastern tradition and built new supplement combinations that work in clinical trials to help heal the body of disease. .

Now Dr. Yu has developed a unique product line to help your body repair and heal. 

He calls it Nutra Yu. 

The key to healing is taking the basic things required for your body into your body so that it can function appropriately. Dr. Yu developed Nutra Yu because there was nothing available in the marketplace that was usable in a clinical setting. 

Dr. Yu had to go into the laboratory himself to produce the things that we’re required to make nutrition more available in the body so that he could help his patients heal and change their lives for the better. 

The Nutra Yu product line allows you to get all your basics on a daily basis without any difficulties. 

It was developed to be easy to use and easy to access. 

Dr. Yu doesn't just throw the ingredients in a box. He put his products through intensive clinical trials to make sure they work and benefit you properly. 

Dr. Yu proved in clinical trials at the World Trial Center in 2012 that a multifactorial approach to healing and wellness is the correct way to actually repair the body in various disorders. His formulations help heal cardiovascular issues, liver problems, diabetes, obesity, inflammation, IBS, Crohn's disease, and different kinds of inflammatory disorders and work to establish the normal efficiency of your body so that you can repair and heal yourself. 

All this work has been done to bring better health to those in need everywhere and Dr. Yu strives to continue to create new products that will benefit you and your body so that you can have a long healthy life and feel great!