10 Reasons why you are Dehydrated

by Tack Media Admin on June 02, 2020

10 Reasons why you are Dehydrated

Being dehydrated will severely limit your body and mind's ability to function properly.It’s important to look for the signs of dehydration and pay attention to our bodies. When we are dehydrated water is what we need but we must also remember that your body also needs electrolytes in order to hydrate properly. 

  • Not Drinking Water
  • Most people get dehydrated because they dont drink enough water. Either you are too busy and overworked or just having a great time and you don’t take the time to drink enough water or you don’t have access to it. Sometimes a sickness, toxic reaction, or stress will make you avoid water so be careful and pay attention to your body!

    Whatever the issue, drinking water is important! 

    The World Health Organization recommends that most adults drink about 2 liters of water a day and if you have a physically strenuous job you can need as much as 4 liters of water a day. 

    Be sure to get plenty of water. But be careful, drinking too much water can be harmful as well if you don’t have enough salts in your body. 

    Better than drinking water alone is adding salts and minerals to your water. Certain salts, known as electrolytes are essential for the body to hold water and stay hydrated. It’s also important that the water you are drinking has a good mineral content so that you don’t strip valuable minerals from your body. Adding valuable minerals your body needs to your water can help supplement your body’s basic needs and keep your hydrated longer

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    Dr. Yu has been studying the proper mineral supplementation and hydration for his entire life. By combining the power of western orthomolecular science and the proven traditions of Chinese medicine Dr. Yu has found Deep Oceanic Minerals to contain the most perfect balanced mineral complex to recharge the human body. 

    Nutra Yu Premium Hydration contains these valuable electrolytes you need and a precious Deep Oceanic Minerals complex to help you hydrate better and hold water longer. 

  • Sweating and Vigorous Activity
  • Vigorous activity will require you to drink more water. You can have too much of a good time if you aren’t careful to pay attention to yourself. As your body heats up it loses water and starts to sweat. You may need to drink twice as much water when you are sweating and active. You will also lose electrolytes when you sweat which also need to be replenished. 

  • Hot Weather
  • Hot days are ahead of us this year and the hot weather will also raise your body temperature like physical activity does and cause you to sweat. Don’t ignore your body’s first signs of thirst as prolonged exposure to sun and very hot weather can lead to extreme dehydration and even heat exhaustion and death. 

    If you are going on an outdoor adventure and it’s warm out, make sure to take plenty of water and electrolytes with you so that you have a great time and don’d become fatigued.

  • Sodium
  • Eating too much salty and greasy food can also lead to dehydration. They taste so good but your body must maintain a healthy salt to water ratio. While not enough salt and electrolytes can be a problem it’s also important to watch how much salty food you eat and be careful how you get your salt. Stop adding table salt to your food and use Nutra Yu’s quality electrolytes instead. 

  • Stress
  • Have the last few months been stressful for you too? When you are under stress your body acts differently. Adrenal glands will start pumping out stress hormones like aldosterone which will cause you to become exhausted and your adrenal glands will become weak and unable to produce more. This will force your immune system to work harder and become strained. As your adrenal glands become weak they stop being able to produce aldosterone which helps regulate your body's level of fluids and electrolytes. 

    So we end up with the same problem with stress. Low aldosterone will cause your electrolyte levels to drop leading to dehydration. The only real way to fight this is to reduce your stress and keep lots of fluids and electrolytes in your system. There are lots of ways to reduce stress. Talk to your doctor or therapist about what options might work best for you. 

  • Diabetes
  • People who have diabetes are at an increased risk of dehydration. Many people have diabetes and don’t even realize they have it. When the blood sugar levels are too high in the body the body will try to get rid of the excess glucose by increasing urination. This will cause you to lose water. If you are diabetic or suffer from increased urination or thirst talk to your doctor about how you can work to improve the control of your blood sugar levels. 

  • Alcohol and Medication
  • Alcohol might be a lot of fun but it also inhibits an antidiuretic hormone in your body that would normally send some of the fluid you are consuming back into the body and your body will send those valuable fluids to your bladder instead! 

    Your cells also start shrinking when you drink alcohol because alcohol is a strong diuretic and will cause your body to send even more fluid to your bladder. All of this loss of fluid leads to dehydration. 

    The other problem you may have noticed when drinking is that alcohol also impairs your ability to sense that you are dehydrated and which makes it hard to know when to stop. 

    Another danger that many people aren’t aware of is prescription medications. Like alcohol many medications are diuretic. Check the list of side effects on your medication and ask your doctor or pharmacist especially if you feel dehydrated after taking your medication. 

    This is common with blood pressure medications and any medication that lists vomiting or diarrhea as a side effect will cause dehydration if you experience those side effects. If your prescription is diuretic be sure to up your fluid intake so you stay hydrated. 

  • Diarrhea and Vomiting
  • Diarrhea and vomiting both cause your body to lose fluids very quickly. Be sure to drink plenty of water if you have either of these side effects. The large intestine absorbs water from food matter and diarrhea prevents this from happening. The most common cause of dehydration related death is actually diarrhea so be careful if you are ill and experiencing diarrhea.

    Vomiting is also very dehydrating. Often you will vomit up the fluids you just consumed so be sure to sip your fluids slowly and include plenty of electrolytes. 

  • Fever
  • A fever will raise your body temperature and cause your body to sweat and lose more water. When you have a fever you should get plenty of rest and drink water with electrolytes. Electrolytes are important to muscles as well which also suffer when you have a fever. Be sure to keep cool and stay hydrated when you have a fever. 

  • Not Enough Fruits and Vegetables
  • Raw fruits and vegetables are an important and valuable source of water. Fruits and vegetables are 75% - 95% water and will deliver nutrients and hydration to your body at the same time. If your diet lacks fruits and vegetables you're in danger of becoming dehydrated. You can replace many of the minerals and electrolytes that your diet lacks with Nutra Yu Premium Hydration. Get a jump start and then be sure to get some fruits and vegetables. 

    In our active lives it is more important that ever to have a good time and let go of stress but also to pay attention to our bodies and be prepared with the right tools to keep us healthy. Nutra Yu Premium Hydration is designed to be easy to take with you anywhere so you can be prepared to get the electrolytes and fluids your body needs anytime you feel dehydrated. 

    When your mouth feels dry or you feel fatigued after working hard there is a good chance you are dehydrated. Don’t be caught without the proper cure… Nutra Yu!